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Illuminova Technical Services, Wilmington, DE, computer support, LAN engineering, for small business

Illuminova helps businesses; specifically, we help small businesses deal with complex technical systems.  Everyone at Illuminova supports this objective.  It's even in our mission statement.  We believe Zig Ziglar's maxim that if we help enough people get what they want then we'll get we want.  And what we WANT to do is help you, your business, your organization.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Worden, has some basic beliefs about information technology.  It should be reliable.  It should protect itself.  It should be a simple as possible.  When systems are designed, implemented, and maintained to these standards we often see a new level of stability reached by our clients.  "Reliability" is the product we produce.

In our most recent survey we asked our retainer clients, "What is the most important service Illuminova provides?"  This was a fill-in-the-blank question.  Nearly 74% responded with some variation of "Keep our computers up and running."  Illuminova's IT professionals, led by principal consultant Stephen Worden, are seasoned technicians, engineers, designers, programmers and consultants.  Most of our staff have more than ten years experience in the industry.  And our partners are true IT veterans as well.  We provide a broad range of technical services to small businesses in Delaware, Southeast Pennsylvania, the upper Eastern Shore of Maryland and South Jersey.  We have partner relationships with Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Intel, Novell, and D & H Distributing.  We primarily support the Microsoft environment, but have been working commercially with Linux since 1996 and are comfortable with the major distributions.

We worked with Sam Waltz and Associates last year, and through this collaboration  we are able to help more businesses in our region by providing a broader range of support services.  We built a new data center, added C-level strategic consulting services, and expanded our coverage area while deepening our level of technical support.  The feedback has been good.  If we can help you, let us know.

Thanks again for your interest in Illuminova Technical Services.

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