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Delaware Web Hosting, Delaware Email service, Delaware email hosting, DNS services, for small businesses in Wilmington, DE from Illuminova
Have you ever tried to get a support engineer on the phone when your web site is down?  It can be difficult.  Our clients were suffering email and web site outages way too often.   In response we partnered with a Big Name hosting center to provide secure, reliable email and web hosting for our clients.  You'll be working with us, though, not them.

We've added more services each year.  We now provide web hosting, email hosting, DNS services, and remote backup services from our own servers.  Our rates are competitive and our service is superior.

And we do the grunt work for you.  Let's say you need a new email account created.  Just call or email us with the persons name then go back to work.  We'll set it up and email you the username and password back.  You go on and do your work, we'll take care of the set up.  At no additional charge.  How easy is that?

We pretty well cover everything with one annual fee of $300.  You get domain registration (or renewal), one year of web hosting, email, DNS service, and FTP access to your site.  All setup and maintenance included.  If you have special bandwidth or disk requirements contact us for your exact needs.

Please let us know if you are interested or have a question.

Thanks again for your interest in Illuminova Technical Services.

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