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Illuminova Technical Services, Wilmington, DE, computer support, LAN engineering, for small business

Illuminova Technical Services, IT support for small business, computer and network support, support contracts, in Wilmington, DelawareI've been working in the IT field for a long time, now, and I've worked with a many excellent technologists.  Many of these working relationships turned into personal relationships at some point.  Many of the best ones continue today, long after the projects that brought us together were finished.

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with these folks because besides being great techies they are great people.  Honest, trustworthy, hard-working people trying to solve problems that often seem overwhelming.  I am at once proud and humbled to be in association with them.

  • Michael Lovett, Phat Magnet Media, communications / marketing / graphics genius and All-Around Good Guy.  Thanks, Michael.

  • Jeff Coltrain, Alydan Consulting, Oracle ber DBA and data architect.  Smart, modest, handsome, caring and sincere.

  • Alex Lakhtman, lead developer, software architect, project leader.  Life is one brainstorm after another with him.

  • Russell Sibley, a data scrubbing genius and astonishing programmer.  A couple years back Russell single-handedly salvaged a completely dead software development project for us.

  • Brenda Mehta, Certified QuickBooks consultant who has pulled several of my clients out of the fire.

  • Al Taylor, Greenspire Associates, technology consultant, business associate and so much more.

There are numerous others consultants, bookkeepers, plumbers, you name it! that I've had the good fortune to work with.  These are folks who have helped me with all sorts of things.  Barry Schlecker, Larry Isaacs, the entire board of directors at Oaklands Pool, the Newark Film Festival, and Vineyard Christian Fellowship.  Life is a blast with these guys.  Thanks for all the help along the way.

We worked with Sam Waltz and Associates last year, and through this collaboration we were able to help more businesses in our region by providing a broader range of support services.  We built a new data center, added C-level strategic consulting services, and expanded our coverage area while deepening our level of technical support.  The feedback has been good.

Thanks again for your interest in Illuminova Technical Services.

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