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Illuminova Technical Services, web design and hosting, network engineering, IT support, for small businesses, Wilmington, DE
Stephen Worden, Principal Consultant, Illuminova Technical Services, IT support, web site optimization, for small businesses, Wilmington, DelawareThis is the really exciting page.  I can hear you thinking, "Oh boy.  Policies."

Nevertheless, you've taken the time to see what's here, so we won't waste a moment.


Covered Equipment

We generally cover the maintenance, support, and repair of all your technology-related hardware, including servers, networks, workstations, PDAs, printers, firewalls, Internet connections, and so on.  This equipment may have a manufacturer's warranty as well.  We frequently perform warranty service for Dell PCs (as we are Dell partners) and can usually diagnose and open trouble tickets for all other vendors.  We can troubleshoot anything. 

Any hardware needed for repairs or upgrades is outside the scope of this agreement.  Illuminova has partnership or reseller agreements with Dell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Samsung, D & H Distributing, Shuttle, and MA Labs, and will obtain hardware at competitive prices as directed by Your-Company-Name. 

Standard Support Hours

Support is offered during normal working hours, Eastern time.  After-hours support is available but must be pre-arranged on a client-by-client basis. 

Upon agreement and receipt of the initial retainer deposit Illuminova will schedule the initial site survey and tentatively schedule a regular period of two mornings or afternoons per month (this is just an example - your company may require more or less frequent maintenance) in support of Your-Company-Name’s computers, software, and networks. 

Access to Equipment

We treat our clients and clients’ property with care and respect.  We are safe workers and follow all company safety policies when on company grounds.  We have a $2,000,000 security bond and $2,000,000 in business liability insurance to protect against loss.  We maintain our client’s property with absolute privacy, including backup tapes, backup disks, online archives, security system access codes, passwords, keys and keycodes.

Illuminova requests Your-Company-Name to provide access to the covered equipment on a 24-hour basis in order to best support the company.  Usually, our clients provide this access by providing a set of keys, security codes, etc., in order to gain access to the building(s). 

Site Log

Illuminova will maintain a written Site Log containing equipment surveys, hardware and software inventories, network maps, and maintenance notes.  This log belongs to Your-Company-Name and represents a summary of all work done on-site by Illuminova.  A “To Do List” is similarly maintained. 

Systems Administration

This agreement covers all Windows-based, Apple, and Linux systems at Your-Company-Name’s office.  For each server the following systems administration services will be performed semimonthly: review all server logs; review security announcements for newly-discovered vulnerabilities; determine which software packages require updating; update software packages as needed; review and manage all routine services including backups, data management, disk management, DNS, email, firewall, file serving, networking, modify / add / delete users as directed, print serving, security management, system logs, system performance; update Site Log with notes covering any substantial changes; and apprise Management of anything requiring attention.

For workstations, the following systems administration services will be performed as needed (generally once a month): review all event logs; review security announcements for newly-discovered vulnerabilities, update and patch workstations as needed; monitor disk errors, usage, and perform defragmentation as needed; monitor machines for any indication of spyware, adware, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, etc., and remove upon discovery; update Site Log with notes covering any substantial changes, and apprise Management of anything requiring attention.  (Cost of anti-virus software or malware tools will be invoiced if workstations are found lacking vital protection.) 


 In the normal course of systems administration duties it is common to come across personal or company confidential information.  Illuminova employees will access private information on computer systems only when it is necessary in the course of our technical duties.  Illuminova will maintain and protect the confidentiality of any information which we may have accessed regardless of the method by which we came to know it.  Exception: Any information deemed harmful or potentially harmful to the company or its employees will be made known to Management. 

Initial Survey 

A detailed inventory of each server is needed to obtain a complete understanding of the computing environment.  Likewise, a survey and inventory of workstations and network equipment is required.  The inventory will be detailed in the Site Log.

Payment for Services

Payment to Illuminova may be made by company check.  Initial payment is due prior to work being performed under this agreement.  Support contract replenishment will be invoiced when 66% of the block of time has been utilized.  A statement of activity is provided monthly. 

Term Length

The term of this agreement is one year.  This maintenance agreement between Illuminova and Your-Company-Name must be renewed annually. 

Relationship with Management

Our goal is to design, implement, and maintain a technology landscape that enables your business to thrive.  Illuminova is more than an IT support company—we are business partners that provide IT project analysis, budgeting, and timeline preparation; disaster recovery planning; web site hosting, email, DNS and remote backup services; and technology negotiation services for proprietary applications, telecommunication agreements, and other vital business needs. 

In order to perform as a business partner, we need to be involved in the planning process of your company.  Illuminova requests your invitation to strategic meetings in order to advise and counsel on the technical and expense aspects of future IT plans and activities. 

Projects and Ad-hoc Consulting

Projects come up from time to time.  If requested, a well-defined scope of work and set of deliverables will be developed and documented.  Projects are handled on a case-by-case basis with separate proposals and agreements.  Ad-hoc consulting or support outside of the scope of this agreement will be handled at our normal hourly rate of $---- / hr.  Invoices for this work are mailed monthly and are due prior to the project’s start. 

Hardware Policy

All hardware sold through Illuminova carries a manufacturer’s warranty.  These warranties vary in depth and duration from manufacturer to manufacturer—even from part number to part number within the same manufacturer.  We work hard to identify the very best manufacturers and always recommend their purchase.

Illuminova maintains an excellent relationship with D & H Distributing, Inc.—one of the nation’s largest computer and electronics wholesalers.  Through D & H we are able to compete with resellers like Best Buy and CompUSA, and even the mail order companies.  We are also an authorized Dell Reseller providing discounts equal to or greater than the Dell online store. 

Illuminova sells hardware and software on a quote basis.  We must receive your payment (based on our quote) or purchase order before your order will be placed.  In other words, you must pay for your hardware or software before we order it.  Illuminova does not provide credit. 

Thank You

Thank you very much for the opportunity to help you and your company, Friend.  We value your trust and will work hard to make our business partnership of great benefit to you and your company.

Thanks again for your interest in Illuminova Technical Services.

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