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Remote backup service, offsite backup, FTP backups, secure backups for small business, Wilmington, Del.
Whether you are moving to a new office of your server has been completely fried,  here's how to pickup from where you left off without spending a fortune.

By Stephen Worden / Illuminova Technical Services, (c) 2010

Up-to-date offsite backups make good sense.  They are protection against a hardware failure such as a failed power supply on a fileserver.  They secure you against the accidental deletion of files and folders.  They prevent you from being wiped-out by a disgruntled employee.  And they allow you to resume operations quickly from a new location in the event of an emergency or just a move across town.

The Internet is what makes remote backup systems possible.  The ubiquitous nature of the Internet allows you to access your data [securely] from any location with a decent connection.  The idea is to keep a copy of your valuable data available to you even if the midden has hit the windmill.

Remote backups are a great way to deal with satellite offices that lack the skills to handle tape or hard drive rotations.  Files can be zipped up, copied across the Internet and stored securely always available for recovery when needed.  We can bring these files to your main location, or store them on machines in our data center.

What gets backed-up?  All the data identified as being critical to your business operations, including your email files, contact lists, address books,
billing information, customer lists, direct mail databases, marketing data, your My Documents folder, faxes, scanned images, digital pictures, pricing information, accounts receivable, accounts payable, Peachtree or QuickBooks data, Act!, scheduling data, production schedules, employee records, policies and procedures, etc., etc., etc.  You get the idea.  If it is important we'll identify it and get it into the backup script.

We use Handy Backup from Novosoft as the front-end to our remote backup service.  It has a great user interface and a great price point.  Handy Backup handles the logging, file selection, and transfer tasks.  Yes, the backup utility that comes from Microsoft has these same abilities just as hopscotch and ballet require the same abilities.  Trust me, you will love what Handy Backup can do for you.  Price is thirty bucks.

Our remote backup service helps in a lot of ways.  It reduces hardware problems, eliminates the possibility of human error (changing tapes, forgetting to start the job, etc.) and enables a quick recovery in the event of a true disaster you just download your data to get it back.  Files reside at our secure facility until needed.  Cost is very reasonable a flat $300 / year for 10GB of data storage including weekly updates.

Thanks for reading this article.  If there's anything we can do to help, please give us a call at (302) 737-1000.

You may freely link to this page or quote from here with attribution to "Stephen Worden / Illuminova Technical Services."

Copyright (c) 2010 Stephen Worden / Illuminova Technical Services

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