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Illuminova Technical Services, IT support, support contracts, for small business computer and network support, Wilmington, Del.
IT Support, computer support, network support, server support, for small businesses, Wilmington, DelawareIf I had but one word to describe our business that word would be "Support."  There is nothing more important to our company than helping your company succeed.

And our clients tell us that the one best thing that we can do is to answer your telephone calls.  Directly.  Every time.   By an experienced engineer.  With an Illuminova support contract there is no one getting between you and the resolution of your problem.  When you call, we answer over our extended 12-hour day.  And, quite often, we can handle your problem right then and there.

We're that responsive because we know that work-stopping emergencies happen every day.

The second best thing (as surveyed in our anonymous client polls) we need to do is...  Well, let's hear from our clients in their own words:

"Keep our computers running at their optimal performance level so we can perform our daily tasks."  "'Keep our computers up and running."  "Keep our server running without interruption."  "Keep our systems operating in a normal manner."  You get the picture.  Businesses need reliable computers and networks because they undergird the work of the entire company.

Support Contracts & IT Assessments

A support contract is the vehicle that transports you to the state of Reliability.  How?  The first task we do under a new support contract is an information technology assessment.  An IT assessment is a survey or review of all your equipment, networks, software, backup systems, plans, documentation, procedures, policies, and performance levels.  Interviews with key staff members shed light on existing bottlenecks and chronic problems.  All this information is evaluated and a report is written detailing our findings and recommendations.  From that a timeline can be developed (that works with your budget, of course) and work to improve your operational stability can be scheduled.

A quick word about objectivity

Illuminova has partner relations with Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Intel, Novell, and D & H Distributing but we work for you, not them.  Our participation in partner programs is for your benefit, not theirs.  We are constantly looking for the best ways to support our clients wherever they may be found.  For example, we primarily support the Microsoft environment, but have been working commercially with Linux since 1996.  We have converted some business systems from Microsoft to Linux and some others from Linux to Microsoft.  Each company has different needs, talent, staff, and budgets.  If we weren't objective we wouldn't be working in your best interest and, frankly, I couldn't live with that.

This page is too long!

hardware support, computer troubleshooting, hardware repair, disk drive recovery, hard drive recovery, Wilmington, DelawareIt really is, but I have one more point to make.  We meet new clients at one of two times: either before a crisis or after a crisis.  Beginning our relationship before the crisis may prevent it!  And you will certainly be relieved of a lot of stress if you face an emergency situation together with a solid technology partner.  If you are looking for IT support, please call us NOW rather than when you have to.  Dial (302) 737-1000.

Thank you very much.

Copyright (c) 2010 Stephen Worden / Illuminova Technical Services.

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