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Stephen Worden, Principal Consultant, Illuminova Technical Services, IT support, web site optimization, for small businesses, Wilmington, DelawareIf you've ever wanted to know more about anti-spam software, firewalls, Linux or ... you just might find your answer here.  The idea behind this section is that I often research topics common to small business users.  Many of you have asked me about fighting spam, protecting your network, and getting reliable Internet connectivity.  My goal is the use this section to detail my findings on such topics.

Despite the "technical articles" designation I will keep the information here as simple as I can.  I'm not going to delineate the 300+ ways to reduce spam, I'll present the one or two best solutions (in my humble opinion).  Remember, the audience I am speaking to are small business owners, managers, support people, and employees.

Probably this section should be called, "Boiled-down, rubber-meets-the-road reports on various topics relevant to small business technology," because that's what these posts are.  They are reports on what I've found that works well for small businesses.

Links to the articles are in the right-hand column.  I've tried to keep each report down to one page, though some of them are longer than others.  You may freely link to these articles or quote from them with attribution to "Stephen Worden / Illuminova Technical Services."

Thanks again for your interest in Illuminova Technical Services.

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